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Kerry Hammerton

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Writing a series of short personal essays

Last year I challenged artist and poet Annette Snyckers to write a series of short personal essays during 2016 with me. The rules are simple we will alternate the choice of topic; the length of piece and how we interpret the theme is up to us.

We have written our first essays – on the topic of becoming a poet. This is the introduction to the short essay I wrote…. (I will post Annette’s essay next week):

On Being a Woman Poet

Why did I pursue this idea of being a poet? A woman poet? What is a poet? What is a woman? Both of those words (Woman. Poet.) invoke different ideals and meanings – it depends on who you ask, on who asks the question.

I read a tweet recently that said (I am paraphrasing) you can’t gender label yourself ‘woman’ unless you embody the characteristic of always caring for someone else before yourself. The person tweeting was making the point that woman are generally socialised in this way. Is this what characterises a woman?

The rest of this post can be found on my personal blog:


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